Major UI redesign for google Duo

Google meet has been getting all the attention from the tech giants for quite some time now, but the app didn’t receive any major updates. As per the latest news coming from Silicon Valley, Google Duo is soon getting a home screen redesign that features a ‘New Call Button’. The new feature is expected to simplify the app.

The New call button at the home screen could serve as a starting point for key actions such as calling other users, creating a group, seeing groups and contact lists easier.

The new UI has moved the option to create “new groups” below the new call button and the existing groups and contact list can also be viewed via search. Google is yet to share an image of the New UI.

Google says that it is “keeping all the features you love” amid this reorganization. You’ll be able to send messages (video or audio), notes, or pictures by tapping a contact/group and clicking on the “Message” button, which is possible today.

The updated duo features will begin rolling out over the next few weeks.

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