Medanta partners with to develop Ai solution to improve X-Ray efficiency

Global health limited Medanta collaborates with

The partnership is expected to improve the efficiency of X-Ray based diagnosis

Global Health Limited (Medanta) has partnered with, a developer of artificial intelligence technologies, to enhance and improve the efficacy of X-ray analysis for chest diseases. According to the company, this will allow doctors to make faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Medanta has been using this solution over the last few months, said Pankaj Sahni, CEO, Medanta, and would now consider other use cases beyond X-rays. “We have started using this in patient care, where it helps the radiologist quickly identify potential issues. It helps in getting a greater sense of granularity because of the algorithm having the ability to actually catch things at a very micro level, as well as in terms of speed of throughput,” said Sahni.

The technology automates the interpretation of chest X-rays, allowing for improved diagnosis and treatment by classifying them as normal or abnormal.

“Qure’s AI technology aids clinicians in their day-to-day operations through efficient workflows, faster turnaround time, automated reporting and enhanced collaboration between various departments to aid diagnostic decision-making,” said Prashant Warier, CEO and Co-founder of
Medanta currently has four hospitals on its network, and the solution is being implemented throughout all of its facilities.

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