Meta Verified Launches in India: Enhancing Online Identity Trust for Instagram and Facebook Users

Months after its initial launch, Meta Verified is finally making its way to India, allowing Instagram and Facebook users to verify their identities on the popular social media platforms. However, unlike Twitter, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) has decided to honor legacy verified badges in India.

To avail themselves of Meta Verified, Indian users on iOS and Android platforms will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of Rs 699. While the feature will initially be available only on mobile devices, Meta has plans to extend it to the web at a later date. Subscribing to Meta Verified will grant users a verified badge, proactive protection against impersonation, and access to dedicated account support.

It’s important to note that, for the time being, Meta Verified is not available to businesses. The social network is actively exploring the possibility of introducing a valuable subscription offering for businesses in the future.

Meta’s announcement highlighted that they have made some adjustments to the feature based on the learnings from its initial testing in Australia and New Zealand. One notable change is the removal of increased reach, which means verified users will not receive any additional reach benefits. The same approach will be implemented in India, with Meta exploring the addition of new elements to enhance the subscription experience.

So, how can users in India get Meta verified? Let’s take a look at the process:

Requirements: To be eligible for Meta Verified, users must ensure their Meta accounts meet certain minimum activity requirements, such as having a prior posting history. Additionally, applicants must be at least 18 years old.

Select and Pay: Users need to choose the profile they want to get verified and set up their payment mechanism. The subscription fee for Meta Verified in India is Rs 699 per month.

Verify: Once the selection and payment are complete, applicants are required to submit a government-issued ID that matches the name and photo of the Facebook or Instagram account they are applying for verification. It is essential to provide accurate and matching information. If the verification application is rejected, the paid amount will be refunded.

The introduction of Meta Verified in India aims to enhance the authenticity and credibility of users on the platform. By displaying the verified badge, users can provide assurance to their followers that their accounts are legitimate. Furthermore, proactive protection from impersonation will help prevent the misuse of verified accounts by malicious actors.

While the subscription fee might be a concern for some users, it serves as a deterrent for those attempting to abuse the verification process and ensures a higher level of commitment from verified account holders. Additionally, the availability of dedicated account support will be a valuable resource for users facing issues or needing assistance with their verified accounts.

As Meta continues to explore potential additions and improvements to Meta Verified, it remains to be seen how the feature will evolve in the future. With the rising importance of online identity verification and trust, Meta’s efforts to provide a reliable verification system are a step in the right direction.