Microsoft warns about Boa web server risks: India is the most affected country

  • India tops the chart when it comes to the distribution of outdated Boa web servers
  • Microsoft claims there are more than 1 million IoT devices that are running on outdated Boa web server.

Even though the Boa web server was discontinued in 2005, many businesses continue to use it. Companies continue to use Boa web servers because they are included in a product’s software development kit (SDK). However, according to the most recent Microsoft report, the Boa web server poses potential risks, and hackers can easily target these services. More importantly, Microsoft’s research revealed that Indian power companies have been subjected to several attacks as a result of the web server.

Last month, Tata Power disclosed a cyber attack by the Hive ransomware group. In this case, hackers were able to steal data related to employees’ details, such as Aadhaar numbers, PAN card details, and salary information. Tata Power was hosted on Boa web servers, which made it vulnerable and easy to hack due to outdated security protocols, according to Microsoft. According to Microsoft, over one million devices are still using the out-of-date boa web server.

The issue is that most Internet of Things (IoT) devices include a Bora web server in their SDKs, including popular brands such as Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Furthermore, according to Microsoft, updating the firmware of an IoT device does not always patch an SDK or an SoC component.

When possible, it advises patching vulnerable devices. Microsoft also recommends using its Defender External Attack Surface Management system to protect against hackers, as well as reducing attacks by removing unnecessary internet connections to IoT devices in the network. Finally, it is recommended to use an anti-virus solution with detection rules to detect malicious activities.

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