Microsoft’s new plan to prevent users from downloading chrome and Firefox

Trying to download Google Chrome on Edge will trigger prompts.

These prompts are appearing in both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

If you’ve used Windows 10, you’re probably aware of Microsoft’s methods for preventing you from changing your default browser to Google Chrome. That’s because Microsoft dislikes anyone who use the Chrome browser on its operating system, especially now that the Edge browser is based on Chrome’s technology. Microsoft has found a new way with Windows 11, and it may already be irritating many people. When you try to download the Google Chrome browser, you will now see prompts from Microsoft. These prompts are clever, but their main objective is to convince you not to download the file.

Neowin noticed the messages in the upper right corner of the Microsoft Edge browser. Edge and Internet Explorer are the two pre-installed browsers in Windows 11, and even Windows 10. The latter has been buried and is no longer visible, whilst the former is right there on the desktop screen, so you’d intuitively use Edge for everything, including downloading Google Chrome.

Microsoft’s campaign aims to discourage Windows 11 or Windows 10 users from using a third-party internet browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft has made switching to the default browser on Windows 11 more difficult than ever before, in addition to sending reminders like this. After choosing Microsoft Edge as the default browser for everything after downloading a new browser, you must now select the default browser for each type of online link.

Microsoft recently began giving Edge users in the United States a “buy now, pay later” tool that was designed to provide customers visiting shopping websites on the browser with a short-term financing solution. The move was highly criticized, with several users declaring that they would no longer use the Edge browser as a result of the forced pop-ups.   Microsoft is forcing people to use the Edge browser as part of the Windows upgrade, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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