MSI Unveils Groundbreaking AI-Powered Laptops and Gaming Handheld at CES 2024

New Delhi, Jan 9, 2024

As the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024 unfolds in Las Vegas, tech enthusiasts are in for a treat as MSI (Micro-Star International) takes the spotlight with its revolutionary AI-powered devices. The event, running until January 12, has become a stage for innovation, and MSI has not disappointed.

Embracing the AI trend, MSI has introduced a cutting-edge lineup of AI-powered laptops, driven by Intel’s 14th gen processors. In a significant move, the company has also revealed its inaugural gaming handheld device, named the Claw.

Eric Kuo, Executive Vice President, and NB BU GM of MSI expressed enthusiasm about the company’s foray into AI, stating, “MSI strives to stay ahead of the curve, and with our new AI-powered laptops, we are further establishing ourselves as a brand heeding our customers’ needs.”

Partnering with Intel, MSI’s Executive Vice President and GM of Client Computing Group, Michelle Johnston Holthaus, remarked, “With the launch of these new processors, we are providing gamers, creators, and professionals the compute performance they need and expect from Intel and MSI.”

AI-Powered Laptops with Intel’s 14th Gen Processors

MSI showcased its new 18-inch gaming laptop family, featuring the Titan 18 HX, Raider 18 HX, and Stealth 18 AI Studio models. These laptops, equipped with Intel’s 14th gen Core i9 processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics, promise an immersive gaming experience through an expansive 18-inch borderless display.

The Intel Core Ultra processors incorporated in these laptops are specifically designed for sustained AI workloads, featuring a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) to optimize power usage for routine tasks and enhance battery life.

MSI also introduced proprietary AI-driven software. The AI Engine dynamically adjusts laptop settings based on the application in use, ensuring an optimal experience. The AI Artist provides offline text-to-image services, boosting productivity for content creators. Meanwhile, the AI Noise Cancellation Pro delivers studio-quality voice for remote meetings or recordings, even in noisy environments.

The CES 2024 lineup from MSI encompasses full-power gaming laptops, mainstream gaming options, thin and powerful productivity laptops, and a refreshed content creation product line.

MSI’s Inaugural Gaming Handheld – The Claw

In a bold move, MSI entered the handheld gaming market with the introduction of the Claw. Sporting a 7-inch Full HD touchscreen display with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, the device employs Intel Core Ultra processors for optimal gaming performance. The Cooler Boost Hyperflow thermal technology ensures efficient heat dissipation, allowing for sustained gaming even in the palm of your hand. The device’s substantial 53Whr battery capacity promises a 2-hour battery life under full workload conditions.

MSI’s dual announcements at CES 2024 mark a significant step forward, showcasing their commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of consumers in the dynamic world of technology.

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