Netflix to impress kids: New Features for kids

The widespread Covid 19 pandemic across the world made our kids to sit at home without social interactions. Now the best way for them to connect with the world and learn new things are kids shows and movies made for them.

Netflix is all set to impress kids with the launching of two new features in the platform. These features are made to help kids to explore their favorite movies and series and to find their next favorite.

Once Netflix launches the features, Parents will get an email every week which will describe the show preferences and tastes of their kid. The email will also contain show recommendations, Printable coloring sheets and activities inspired by your kid’s favorite characters ,Top themes or topics charts that show the types of programs your child enjoys most, and Tips for how to use our Kids features on Netflix.

The platform will also introduce Kids top 10 rows to show the most popular contents. These features will make Netflix more kid friendly.

ennifer Nieva, director of product innovation at Netflix, wrote, “Shows and movies are an important way for kids to connect with the world—helping to teach them about new places, create bonds with family or friends, and understand other perspectives,”

These features will be rolling out soon.

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