NIRA to launch AI Certificate Programs for Management Students

National Institute for robotics and AI (NIRA) have launched certificate programs in Artificial Intelligence for Management students aims to upskill and reskill them for fast-moving careers in AI.

The Certificate Programme in Artificial Intelligence will provide candidates detailed understanding of AI through our comprehensive curriculum. The program focuses on fundamental and advanced learning through core topics like data analytics, neural networks, computer vision, image recognition, etc. It will help management students prepare for competitive and cutting-edge job roles such as AI and ML Engineer, Computer Vision Expert, Software R&D Engineer, Cloud Support Engineer, among others, that involve a high level of technical skill and training certificate programs are due to the increases prominence of artificial intelligence in our country in almost every industry.

The official launch of these certificate programs is due to the increased prominence of artificial intelligence in every sector of our country, NIRA said in a statement. “Artificial Intelligence is transforming management functions of every industry around the world by taking a central part including supply chain and customer management. Digitalization has become an indispensable part of our daily lives” The statement continued.

NIRA has been working to offer professional certificate programs in futuristic areas of technology such as Artificial intelligence and robotics. Artificial intelligence has made rapid inroads due to its seamless mechanisms and increased productivity by reducing human intervention. With the greater adoption of AI in major industries, there is a growing need for certified skilled professionals with the best-in-class technical skill sets to meet this demand.

NIRA‘s brand new certified AI programs are expected to fulfill the AI professional requirements across all sectors. The curriculum has been meticulously designed with foundational and advanced subjects to provide learners with comprehensive knowledge leading across AI domains by industry requirements. These programs will allow professionals to improve their skills, gain knowledge of AI-based technologies, and advance in their careers.

These programs will address industry needs, assist working management professionals in upskilling, and grow their knowledge base in the field of artificial intelligence. These programs include live instructor-led sessions, sessions with industry experts, and one-on-one classroom learning. Students will be able to solve real-world business problems and gain valuable experience.

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