OpenAI Launches GPT Store for Custom Bots and Introduces ChatGPT Team Subscription

New Delhi, Jan 11, 2024

OpenAI has officially unveiled the GPT Store, a platform enabling users to create and share personalized versions of ChatGPT, a widely-used language model. The GPT Store aims to provide accessibility to a diverse audience, allowing individuals without coding expertise to participate in the creation and sharing of custom ChatGPT versions. The feature is now available to ChatGPT Plus, Team, and Enterprise users.

Since the announcement of GPTs two months ago, users have generated over 3 million custom versions of ChatGPT. OpenAI plans to launch a “GPT builder revenue program” in the first quarter of this year, offering developers an opportunity to earn income by creating custom GPTs. Initially, U.S.-based builders will receive compensation based on user engagement, with further details on payment criteria to be provided closer to the program’s launch.

Sharing a GPT in the store involves two simple steps: saving the GPT for Everyone (note that GPTs with a link won’t be displayed in the store) and confirming the Builder Profile by enabling the user’s name or a verified website in the Settings. OpenAI has implemented a review system, incorporating both human and automated reviews, to ensure compliance with the company’s rules.

In addition to the GPT Store, OpenAI has introduced a new subscription tier known as ChatGPT Team. Priced at USD 25 to USD 30 per user on a monthly basis (depending on the billing cycle), this subscription is designed to cater to smaller teams seeking a secure and collaborative workspace. Accessible to ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise subscribers, ChatGPT Team offers several features to enhance the user experience.

Key offerings include access to GPT-4, equipped with a larger 32,000-token context window for handling longer and more intricate queries. Subscribers benefit from elevated message caps, and OpenAI assures users that their data and conversations will not be utilized to train its models. The subscription also includes a secure workspace with an admin console for seamless seat management.

OpenAI highlights that ChatGPT Team subscribers will receive early access to new features and improvements, positioning them at the forefront of advancements in generative AI technology.

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