Prime Minister’s Office has announced the way forward for Science and Technology Initiatives

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s recently referred to his Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Council (PM-STAIC)’s work on taking on challenges in science and identifying solution for societal problems through technology and innovation. On 6th March 2019 at Vigyan Bhawan Annexe, a press interaction was help by the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, Dr K Vijay Raghavan to share details on the national missions guided by the PM-STIAC.

Government is focusing on various section regarding this and the section are Natural language translation, quantum frontier, artificial intelligence, national biodiversity mission, electric vehicles, bioscience for human health, waste to wealth, deep ocean exploration, Accelerating Growth for New India’s Innovations (AGNII), Research clusters, earth museum, Brahmaputra River System and Indian Science Technology and Engineering Facilities Map (I-STEM).

Some of these national missions are dealt in details below:

Research Clusters

These clusters will be serving as hubs, interacting with the broader city ecosystem including the state university, colleges, medical schools and local administration usually needing to be strengthened. All these institutions have really talented people from all over the India.

Earth museum

India has an extra ordinary geological history, where the Indian plate has moved and hit the Asian plate. How plants and animals evolved in India and rest of Asia.

Many places in India there are science museum and its number can be increased.

There is need of actual preservation and digitization of work and visibility of the existing museum on digital platform is important.

India presently is having good number of botanical and geological park which reflects the flora and history respectively. Now it is the work of the Government to maintain the existing park and create well defined clusters of museums.


India Science Technology and Engineering facilities Map (I-STEM)

Any state university can collaborate with well-funded university to create I-STEM research resources.

Any type of batteries relies on the availability of cobalt, nickel, and improved energy availability in the country. So the science faculties and researchers can work together with different ministries.


Brahmaputra River System

Being a very important river basin, which is an unusual and unique system, with a very rapid movement of such huge volume of water and which changes from season to season.

We have an extraordinary team of data experts, river experts, and civil engineers.

Bringing all of them together and providing advice to those who are involved in planning execution is one of the target objectives of Prime Minister’s advisory council.

The advisory council advices those who work on Brahmaputra River System and are engaged in proper working of the river basin project.

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