PUBG Mobile launching Livik map on July 7: Here’s what to expect !!

PUBG Mobile’s new and exclusive map ‘Livik’ will be available on July 7. Here’s what players can expect from the new map. PUBG Mobile is gearing up for a new and exclusive map ‘Livik’. The new map will arrive on July 7 along with PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update. Ahead of the launch, PUBG Mobile has shared more details on what players can expect.

In a recent post by PUBG Mobile developers, details on what went behind making the map were revealed. What we know so far is that it’s going to be the smallest map accommodating 40 players at once. This also means that each game time will be shorter lasting around 15 minutes. Here are more things players can expect from Livik on PUBG Mobile.

Since it’s a small map with just 40 players at once there will be faster-paced action-packed matches. It’s also the first map to host 15-minute long matches. PUBG Mobile says that matches in Livik map are apt for the people looking for a small break between work schedules and other commitments.

Livik will be one visually rich map. Players will find new and unique landmarks and terrain changes and themes. The landscapes will be different from anything players have witnessed in the past. A new and important part of this map is waterfalls. People might get washed away by rapid water flow when they’re standing on top of the waterfall. There will be hot springs as well and this along with waterfalls will add unique strategic elements as well as in-game interactions.

Since people will be prone to getting washed away with the rapid waterflow, new skills and tactics will be required. One of these are includes launching a motorboat from the top of a waterfall into the water below. The new PUBG Mobile also brings new machinery. Players will get two guns – MK12 burst sniper rifle and P90 original submachine from Team Death Match Arena Mode. There will be an existing barrel that will allow for weapons that usually only excel at close to medium range engagements to push out a bit further.


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