PUBG Mobile, Truecaller and others found snooping on your iPhone clipboard data !!

A couple of days ago a popular social media app called TikTok came in the headlines for its suspicious behaviour of snooping on the iPhone’s clipboard. While the company is yet to fix this, a couple of researchers have found additional 53 iOS apps that work in a similar fashion.

As reported by Ars Technical, these 53 apps discovered by researchers Talal Haj Bakry & Tommy Mysk back in March have still not stopped snooping on the iOS device’s clipboards. It is said that these apps peek on the handset’s saved clipboard, which can have sensitive data like IDs and passwords, everytime when they are opened or closed.

The list not just includes some shady apps that you haven’t heard before but some popular apps as well, some of them being apps that you might be using every day. These are said to share the data found in the clipboard with the other nearby device using the same Apple ID. Also reported is that, as soon as the list was made live in March, 10% Happier: Meditation & Hotel Tonight promised to remove this behaviour. TikTok promised the same but has not fixed it yet.

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