Remove China Apps Crosses 50 Lakh Downloads Amidst Anti-China Sentiment!!

Remove China Apps, Android app that claims an to identify China-made apps on your Android phone and remove them, has gone viral in India. The app is currently at the top spot of Google Play’s top free apps list in the country and it has been downloaded over 50 lakh times since its launch on May 17. This development comes at the time when anti-China sentiment is high in the country, sparked by the novel coronavirus pandemic, India-China border dispute, and more. Another app playing on similar sentiments – Mitron – has also gained traction over the last several days and is being touted an alternate to TikTok.

Why to Remove China Apps?

The creators of  Remove China Apps claim that the app is “Developed for Educational Purposes” and it allows users to ‘identify’ the country of origin of certain apps installed on their Android phones. However, as the name suggests, it only identifies apps that are developed by  the Chinese companies and users can further uninstall them through Remove China Apps if they wish to.

It is also noted that the app went live on Google Play on May 17 and since its launch, it has been downloaded by the 50 lakh users. The app has largely received positive reviews with 4.9 rating on the Google Play Store.

Remove China Apps: What is it meant for?

Remove China Apps is free to download on Google Play Store. The app does not require a login to a function and users can simply select ‘scan’ to identify the Chinese app on their Android phones.

Unfortunately, the Remove China Apps only seems to be detecting the apps installed by users from Google Play Store & other third-party app stores on their phones, and not the ones pre-installed on Chinese smartphone.

Moreover, the Remove China Apps is developed by the OneTouch AppLabs that has been only this app listed on Google Play Store. OneTouch AppLabs claims that the company headquater is based in Jaipur and the domain ownership site, Who is reveals that the website was created on 8 May. OneTouch AppLabs website also states that the company provides services in Android & iOS app development and hybrid app development.


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