T-Mobile data breach: Company reveals more details

T-Mobile has published further information regarding its most recent data breach, and while the company’s results fall short of the previously stated 100 million records, the figures are startling.

While the inquiry is still underway, the business revealed that over 40 million “former or potential customers” who had previously sought credit and 7.8 million postpaid customers had their information taken. T-Mobile stated in its most recent financial report that it has over 104 million users.

The stolen files contained vital personal information such as first and last names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and driver’s license / ID numbers – the type of information you might use to open a new account or hijack an existing one. It did not appear to include “phone numbers, account numbers, PINs, or passwords.”

Over 850,000 prepaid T-Mobile users were also affected by the breach, and the exposed data for them includes “names, phone numbers, and account PINs.

” There was also unspecified information accessed for inactive prepaid accounts. However, T-Mobile says, “No customer financial information, credit card information, debit or

other payment information or SSN was in this inactive file.”

T-Mobile said it will launch a dedicated website with consumer information later today. It offers two years of free McAfee identity protection services, advises postpaid users to update their PIN, and emphasizes its Account Takeover Protection features to avoid SIM-swapping attacks.

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