TechnoXian Robo Race Challenge: Push Your Limits in the Ultimate Robot Racing Competition

The TechnoXian Robo Race Challenge is a thrilling event that tests the engineering prowess and strategic skills of participants in the realm of robotics. Organized by the All India Council for Robotics & Automation (AICRA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, the challenge brings together teams from schools, colleges, universities, and vocational institutions to showcase their talent and compete for the coveted title. In this article, we will delve into the details of this exhilarating competition, including eligibility criteria, registration process, robot specifications, race rules, and prize distribution.

Race Details: The primary objective of the TechnoXian Robo Race Challenge is to design and construct a wireless, autonomous, or manually controlled robot capable of racing on a specified track. The robot must navigate various terrains and overcome hurdles while staying within the track boundaries. Points are awarded for successfully tackling obstacles, and the bot with the maximum cumulative points, combined with the fastest completion time, emerges as the winner.

Eligibility Criteria: The competition is divided into two categories: Junior (for participants below 18 years) and Senior (for participants between 18 and 28 years). Teams can consist of individuals or groups from schools, colleges, universities, or vocational institutions. Each team must have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10 members. To participate, teams need to register online on the official TechnoXian website.

Robot Specifications: The participating robot should adhere to certain specifications to ensure a fair and competitive environment. The bot must fit within a 30cm wide and 40cm high cube at any given time and should not exceed a maximum weight of 5kg (including the wireless control system’s battery). A tolerance of 5% is acceptable for the weight measurement. The robot’s top surface must adhere to standard size and surface constraints, and it should not emit infrared light that can interfere with other bots.

Competition Rules: During the race, the robot must start behind the designated starting mark and complete a full lap of the course to be considered as crossing the finish line. The run time is measured from the moment the front edge of the robot crosses the start line until it crosses the finish line. Negative points are awarded for moving out of the track or any human touch during the race. The team that achieves the shortest official time and accumulates the highest points emerges as the winner.

Registration and Video Submission: Teams are required to register for the competition online through the official TechnoXian website. Additionally, participants need to prepare a 1 to 5-minute video showcasing their team’s readiness, creativity, and passion for participating in TechnoXian. The video should be shared via email or WhatsApp, and the top five videos with the maximum views receive special recognition during the tournament.

Prize Distribution: The TechnoXian Robo Race Challenge offers substantial rewards to the winning teams. A total of INR 2,00,000 is awarded to the top-performing teams. The prize distribution is divided into three places for both the Junior and Senior categories, with the first prize receiving INR 60,000, the second prize INR 25,000, and the third prize INR 15,000.

The TechnoXian Robo Race Challenge provides a platform for aspiring robotic enthusiasts to showcase their skills and compete in an exhilarating race. With its focus on innovation, engineering, and strategic problem-solving, the competition serves as a stepping stone for young minds to explore the world of robotics. By participating in this thrilling event, individuals and teams have the opportunity to gain recognition, earn certifications, and win attractive prizes.

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