Telegram rolls out new features

Telegram rolls out new features

Telegram has launched fresh updates to improve the app’s speed. The messaging app now has hyper-fast scrolling, a calendar view, a date bar, admin approval settings for invite links, chat themes, and other features. “Today’s update brings new ways to find memories in shared media with high-speed scrolling and a calendar view, an admin approval setting for invite links, global chat themes for your entire app, and more,” the Telegram blog read. The features have been rolled out for the iOS version of the app.

Telegram has added a new date bar to the Shared Media page on the left side of the screen, which can be dragged up and down to speed up scrolling through shared media. The app has cloud storage, and each chat includes a Shared Media tab that displays all of the photos, videos, files, and music that are saved there. Users may also limit their view of shared media to simply images, videos, or both.

In addition, the messaging app has added a new Admin Approval feature. The feature allows users to join a group or channel at their convenience, regardless of whether the link is shared privately with the user or turned into a QR code.

“When a user opens a link with Admin Approval turned on, they will see a button to send a join request that admins can manage from a new bar at the top of the chat. From there, admins can view an applicant’s public profile pictures and bio, then approve or dismiss their request. For example, you could post an invitation link to your poetry channel on social media then approve only your close friends and people in purple to see your writing,” the blog read.

Apart from that, Telegram has released Global chat themes for the iOS app. The messaging app has included eight additional themes that may be customised for individual chats. The chat themes include a night and day mode, as well as an animated background and gradient message bubbles. Users can also change these designs by adjusting the colours or the pattern.

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