The debut of tech fashion with Virgio

In recent fashion news, Virgio, a pioneer company founded in 2022 by Mr. Amar Nagaram, has received 37 million USD of funding, which roughly translates into INR 306 crore, in a round led by companies like Prosus, Accel, and Alpha Wave.

What is new about Virgio is that it focuses on the use of technology throughout the design, manufacturing, and purchasing processes.

Ensuring a smooth working structure in the fashion life-cycle.

This, according to Mr. Nagaram, will allow buyers to have real-time access to runway fashion as well as give designers a good idea about consumer preference, resulting in a global co-creator platform.

With a vision of “building the world’s most trendy fashion brand that is also accessible to all and addresses the concerns of fashion waste too,” Virgio aims to create the best-quality product with sustainability.

The founder shares his idea about investing their funds into developing their technology and hiring passionate, creative minds to work with them.

This means a greater opportunity for fashion as well as tech enthusiasts, and encouragement for their talent.

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