This is the world’s smallest 4G Android 10 phone, as big as your credit card !!

Large screen phones with display in sizes of above 6-inches have become pretty much standard nowadays. Some people, however, still look for a smaller form factor. There are not a lot of options unless you settle with the iPhone SE or older-gen Android phones. Now, a China-based firm has launched what is being touted as the world’s smallest 4G Android smartphone.

Shanghai-based Unihertz has launched Jelly 2. The phone is the successor to Jelly, another small smartphone that launched in back in 2017. The company has a small lineup of similar compact phones such as Unihertz Atom. Listed on Kickstarter for crowdfunding, Jelly 2 is a credit card-sized smartphone with 4G support. It supports global radios and runs on an Android 10 operating system. The company claims the phone delivers two times longer battery life than the predecessor. It also has an upgraded camera system and GPS sensors.

“This 4G mini smartphone is designed to act as a companion device to your regular cell, one of that you can more easily use for nights out, exercise, or when we taking a break from your full-sized smartphone,” says the company on its website. The company says it had recorded over 10,000 pledges for its 2017 Jelly smartphone. Since then, it has launched as many as four successful campaigns on Kickstarter and delivered over 30,000 units across 70 countries. In terms of specifications, Unihertz’s Jelly 2 has a 3-inch display. The phone runs on a 2,000mAh battery. The phone comes with 8-megapixel and 16-megapixel cameras.


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