This tech startup company reduced employee notice period to two weeks

Serving a notice period can be difficult for many employees for obvious reasons, but one startup is taking a different approach than its peers in the industry. At a time when many companies’ notice periods can last up to three months, Kartik Mandaville, CEO of blockchain-based HR startup Springworks, has tried to change that by announcing that his company’s notice period will be reduced to just two weeks.

In a statement issued on December 23, Kartik Mandaville stated that Springworks will reduce the notice period to two weeks effective immediately. Kartik explained his decision by saying that he believes the current one-month notice period is “long,” and that it is a “arbitrary amount of time” for knowledge transition.

Springworks is a blockchain-based HR startup that aims to bring together technology, intelligence, and human emotion. Kartik is not only the CEO of Springworks, but also the Senior Technical Advisor.

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