Top Google Meet tricks you should start using now !!

Google Meet has become our lifeline ever since the pandemic disrupted the pace of life. Today, the video conferencing platform is not only being used for connecting with colleagues but it is also being used for connecting with friends and family thanks to Google’s integration of the platform in Gmail. That said, Google Meet is not a plain and simple video conferencing platform. It has dozens of features that make it easier for users to make video calls. It also offers granular control enabling users to share exactly what they want to.

So, here top five Google Meet tricks you should start using now:

Tiled layout: Google Meet enables users to see up to the 16 participants simultaneously in a tiled format alongside the content that is being presented. To view all the participants in a tiled format, just follow these steps: click the three dots in the lower-right of the screen > in the Change layout box, select Tiled.

Lighting: Google Meet has been a feature that automatically enhances the video to adapt to the low-lighting conditions. This enables users to make a video call from anywhere without worrying about suboptimal lighting. The catch is that this feature works only while using Google Meet from a smartphone.

Quite chat: Google Meet comes with a feature that enables users to share a document or a link when in a video call. This ensures that a video call does not get interrupted. To use this feature, follow these steps: click the chat icon in the upper right corner of the meeting screen > enter your message > click the “send” icon at the bottom right of the chat window.

Audio quality enhancement: Google Meet for GSuite comes with a feature that enables users to use their smartphones for audio even as they use their personal computer’s camera to share and see video and presentations in a meeting. This can be done by dialling into the call directly or by having Meet call your phone directly. To do so follow these steps: click More options > then click on Use a phone for audio > click Call me > enter your phone number > click Call me again > press 1 on your phone when prompted.

Show what you want: Google Meet comes with a feature that enables users to pick and show either their entire screen, a specific window or a Chrome tab. All users need to do is follow these steps: When you’re in a video meeting click Present now > choose one of the three options. When you share a Chrome tab, you share that tab’s audio by default.


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