Twitter Releases Events Calendar for June to Assist with Strategic Planning !!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitter’s events calendars are not looking as full as they once did, but there are still various opportunities & promotional tie-ins to consider across key dates in June, as per its latest listing.

Every month, Twitter publishes a post highlighting the key dates, and referring back to its 2020 calendar,which will be published earlier in the year. And every month, I go through the actual calendar and remove all the events that are no longer happening. And it’s a lot, there’s a lot of functions that have been cancelled – but it is starting to feel like we’ve crossed a key threshold of sorts, that we’re maybe, tentatively, starting to shift into recovery mode following the peak of the pandemic.

Hopefully. Signs seem positive, and we may soon be able to start planning ahead.

But till then, there are still opportunities to consider, and events to keep in mind this month.

Twitter highlights these specific events to keep in mind:

  • Pride Month – Twitter urges brands to show their support via specific messaging that showcases a point of view
  • Best Friends Day (June 8th) – Twitter says this is a great opportunity for creative promotions
  • National Selfie Day (June 21st) – Twitter says that National Selfie Day is the ideal time “to encourage your audience to share photos of themselves using your product or service at home”
  • Father’s Day (June 21st) – “A great opportunity to create and share gift guides, exclusive sales, user-generated content”
  • Summer Solstice (June 20th) – Twitter says that this presents an opportunity to connect with your audience through relevant memes which capture “summertime feelings”

​Yes, there are fewer events to celebrate, and celebrating, in itself, has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. But it’s worth also considering that people are looking for escapism, they’re looking for ways to connect and participate amid the ongoing restrictions.

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