UK creates £1.5M fund to support carbon-reducing AI projects

The UK government has launched a £1.5 million program to encourage the use of artificial intelligence to reduce carbon emissions.

“The United Kingdom is one of the most advanced AI economies in the world, and AI technology is already having a transformative impact on our economy and society,” said UK Science Minister George Freeman.

“However, there is enormous potential to do more.”

The AI for Decarbonisation program is part of the larger Net Zero Innovation Portfolio, which aims to accelerate the commercialization of low-carbon technologies, systems, and business models.

AI for Decarbonisation will consist of two initial stages:

  • Stage one will provide up to £500,000 of funds to create a virtual center of excellence on AI innovation and decarbonization through March 2025.
  • Stage two is where the remaining £1 million will be used to fund innovative AI-powered decarbonization projects.

The AI for Decarbonisation program offers an exciting opportunity to leverage and develop the UK’s outstanding expertise in the field,” adds Freeman.

“Putting this rapidly-evolving technology into action will enable us to save energy costs for businesses and households, create high-value, skilled jobs, and kickstart millions of pounds of private investment while supporting our net-zero targets.”

The UK is seeking to increase its energy independence following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the weaponization of supplies.

New energy infrastructure to increase supply will take a long time to build, so reducing demand in the meantime is vital. Improving the insulation of homes and businesses while using technologies like AI to optimize processes are two leading solutions.

Specifically encouraged to bid for funding are AI projects that enable a faster transition to renewable energy, decarbonize industry by improving energy productivity and fuel switching, and decrease emissions in the agricultural sector. 


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