Upcoming startup event in Bengaluru-2022

Indiafirst tech startup conclave & awards coming to the silicon valley of India: Bengaluru, after the grand success of its Delhi chapter back in February.   The conclave is one of the most prominent and innovative events in India, with a collective goal of strengthening the country’s tech startup ecosystem. The organizers” All India Council for Robotics and Automation” will host the Bengaluru chapter of its prestigious India First Tech startup conclave and awards on the 8th and 9th of June 2022.

The event will feature several exhibitors, interactive sessions on tech startup topics, as well as an award ceremony honoring and recognizing innovative startup ecosystem enablers in various categories. The event is being hosted by AICRA with support from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. It will address the key aspects of the startup ecosystem through interactive sessions with the participation of government representatives.

“IndiaFirst Tech Start-up series is an initiative of AICRA to encourage technology startups and AICRA members to work together and create partnerships that are beneficial to both the stakeholders. It’s an opportunity for new-age start-ups to give them a platform to connect with Industry’s best business leaders and the brightest minds to explore how to fuel their business growth, Said Rajkumar Sharma, President at AICRA.”

The India First Tech startup conclave and awards celebrate and promote innovation by bringing together the country’s top startups, entrepreneurs, investors, incubators, policymakers, academicians, business model creators, venture capitalists, and other national/international stakeholders. Furthermore, knowledge exchange on nurturing startup ecosystems, developing entrepreneurial ecosystem capacities, mobilizing global and domestic capital for startup investments, encouraging and inspiring the youth for innovation and entrepreneurship, providing market access opportunities for startups, and showcasing high-quality, high-technology, and frugal innovations from the country are all on the agenda.

All further details regarding the event will be updated on the AICRA website and official social media platforms. Please do follow the below-given links to get all the updates: https://indiafirststartup.com/#:~:text=The%20conclave%20brings%20together%20the,to%20present%20and%20discuss%20innovation

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