VUE: everyday smart glasses we always wanted

Glasses were always seen as the thing, which is used to make fun off, but that’s not the thing anymore as it has been modernized as the eyewear to be one of the coolest gadgets, like those in the Mission Impossible movies which are awesomely flaunted by Tom cruise in various scenes. Choose from a variety of different colors, textures, and shapes to help you express your own unique style. No need to worry about losing the spectacles, as one can be just found using the app, find my glasses, has got app support for apple and android as well.

Key Features:

  • Bone conduction technology: VUE uses bone conduction audio technology to transfer stereo sound to your inner ear without the use of earbuds. Your ears remain unplugged, so you can listen to music, answer calls, and hear notifications all from your glasses while still being able to hear the world around you.
  • Touch control: Navigate the VUE with a convenient touch interface embedded into the arm of the frames. VUE has no ports or buttons, ensuring that the experience is as least intrusive as possible. Just a couple of touches and VUE is good to go, personalize as one may please.
  • Sensors: With 6-axis accelerometer & gyroscope, Infrared proximity sensor and 5 field capacitive touches pad makes it an effortless gadget.
  • Speakers: Stereo bone conduction speakers with patent-pending sound leakage prevention design. Frequency ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz Impedance 8.5, Distortion < 5.0, SPL 88 dB MEMS digital microphone.
  • Bluetooth: Connect to any device using Bluetooth wireless technology, compatible with all devises. Bluetooth 4.2, A2DP profile ranging from 30 ft up to 10 m.
  • Charging: Wireless charging technology using the case provided along with it, Charging done max in 2 hours. The case is charged using USB.
  • Battery: With a battery stand by time of 2-3 days on single charge and 7 days standby with charging case it provides the user with a talk time of 5 hours, using a 3.7v 90mAh lithium polymer.

With just weighing 28 grams, this aren’t going to be much heavy on the ear and water is not an issue as one might sweat like a pig or get drenched because of the rain, which is why the manufacturers has made this one a water resistant.

By‑Sarath Chandran

By‑Sarath Chandran

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