WhatsApp Could Soon Have Screen Lock For Web Users

  • WhatsApp on the web could soon have a screen lock feature
  • WhatsApp already has one layer for security with the Linked Devices feature but now it wants to add another dimension for web users.

WhatsApp is accessible on a wide range of devices and will soon be available on tablets as well. However, the popular messaging app’s web version is less secure, especially when you are away from your desk.

To keep your messages safe from prying eyes, WhatsApp on the web may soon include a screen lock feature that ensures all your content is protected by a password.

WaBetaInfo recently shared information about this feature, as well as the fact that WhatsApp will soon begin testing the security lock with its beta users. So, how exactly does the Screen Lock protect your WhatsApp messages?

The report says, WhatsApp will give users the option to enable the feature, after which WhatsApp on the web will authorize logging in via password every time you want to access it. WhatsApp is unlikely to make it the default setting for its web version, and users can head over to the Settings of the app and use it as per their preference.

However, the security feature will not be limited to passwords, and with most devices now supporting some form of biometric support, WhatsApp on the web can also be unlocked using the fingerprint sensor, which iPhone and Mac users may not be able to do.

According to the report, WhatsApp will not lock you out of your account if you forget the screen lock password. Instead, you will be prompted to log out of the desktop version and link the device to the web platform via the QR code.

WhatsApp has already enabled biometric security for its Linked Devices feature, through which you can access WhatsApp accounts on the web. But having an additional layer of security does help, and we are hopeful that once the beta tests are done WhatsApp brings it for everyone.

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