WhatsApp disappearing messages like to get this useful feature soon

WhatsApp may no longer save images or videos from disappearing messages to your iPhone’s gallery. As a result, if disappearing messages is enabled in a chat thread, WhatsApp will no longer preserve any data from the disappearing messages discussion. For chats with disappearing messages enabled, the Save to Camera Roll option will be removed automatically. So, even if auto-saving is enabled for WhatsApp, it will not store any type of media to our iPhone’s gallery, including photos, videos, or Gifs. This is one of the recent features that WhatsApp has been working on.

With the vanishing messages mode switched on, the previous settings automatically preserved the photos that were transmitted. Because the sender did not intend the content to stay on the receiver’s phone for an extended amount of time, this was a major breach of privacy. As a result, he activated the mechanism of vanishing messages. Despite setting it on, however, the media is saved in the iPhone’s gallery, much against the sender’s intentions. As a result, customers who have experienced troubles with WhatsApp automatically storing their media from fading messages will be pleased with the new adjustments. Wabetainfo, a WhatsApp feature tracker, discovered the feature.

According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is rolling out adjustments to all users on the latest Android and iOS versions. The feature will most likely be available to all WhatsApp users within 24 hours. “On WhatsApp for Android, WhatsApp is now automatically turning off the option “media visibility” for disappearing chats, which allows users to view media in their phone’s gallery. This is to ensure a better privacy experience when using disappearing messages, as well as to help keep media in disappearing chat threads more private,” according to the report.

However, you will still be able to manually store media in disappearing chats. Some Android users already have the ability to save media files manually. You can save media as usual on WhatsApp for iOS.

On a related note, WhatsApp is also working on another feature that will allow people to contact those whose phone numbers you haven’t saved on your smartphone.WhatsApp will also give one more option to connect and that will be the calling feature. It will redirect you to the dialer app, if you choose to call that person.

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