WhatsApp to extend the time limit of “Delete Message For Everyone” Feature

WhatsApp will extend the time limit of the ‘Delete Message for Everyone’ feature.

WhatsApp has been spotted testing different time limits for the feature.

It was previously reported that WhatsApp intends to expand the time limit of the ‘Delete Message for Everyone’ feature. The messaging app has now been spotted testing various time limitations for the function. Users now have the option of erasing the message once it has been sent after one hour, eight minutes, and sixteen seconds. However, things may soon change as WhatsApp users may be able to erase their messages for everyone seven days after sending them.

The Delete for Everyone feature is a valuable tool that allows you to delete a message that you accidentally sent to someone. However, there are certain restrictions, such as the fact that you may only erase the message within one hour after sending it. You cannot erase the message for everyone if you miss the deadline. WhatsApp is now working on expanding the time limit to make things easier for users. The chat app was observed testing the Delete For Everyone feature twice.

According to Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is now planning to change the duration restriction to 7 days and 8 minutes in a future version. Previously, it was anticipated that WhatsApp might remove the time limit and allow users to erase messages for everyone even after hours, days, or years after sending them. However, WhatsApp intends to change the existing time limit at a later date.

According to the WhatsApp tipster, the feature is still in development, so WhatsApp may change its mind or impose a new time limit. Only a final rollout will reveal if WhatsApp will eliminate all limits on deleting messages or adjust the time limit at a later date. This might take up to 7 days or longer.

In a similar outcome, WhatsApp was seen testing additional playback options for audio messages. WhatsApp was seen exploring the ability to speed through forwarded voice communications. The pace of the voice notes may be increased up to 7 2X.


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