Whatsapp users can now appeal for their banned accounts

WhatsApp has been known to ban accounts that violate its terms of service. However, users did not have a proper mechanism to appeal their account ban or seek account revocation until now. That could change soon, as the platform is currently testing a new method for users to appeal if their accounts are banned.

The news comes from WABetainfo, which discovered the new feature on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS users this week. Users will be able to appeal if their account is banned using this option.

According to the report, the user must submit a few details to WhatsApp, which will be investigated by the platform and cross-checked to see if the grounds for revoking the ban are legitimate. There is a chance that WhatsApp accidentally banned someone’s account; in such cases, the appeal will provide relief to the user, and their account will be reactivated.

The tipster mentions that WhatsApp is currently testing this feature on the Android version, and should be coming to iOS in the coming weeks.

There are several reasons why a user’s account may be banned by WhatsApp. To act on some accounts, WhatsApp uses a combination of machine learning and user reports.

WhatsApp also advises users to avoid using the automated process to create WhatsApp Groups. Users should also avoid using any version of WhatsApp that was downloaded from somewhere other than the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

WhatsApp continues to test new features, and this one appears to be a logical addition to the app, allowing people to appeal to such actions. Redressal has been a big pain point among all the popular social media apps, and such changes could help users feel safer and heard.

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