Wikipedia gets an update after 10 years

The world’s most popular free encyclopedia wikipedia has been updated. Wikimedia, which runs Wikipedia has released the first major update to its desktop interface in ten years. The updated desktop interface arrives as English Wikipedia celebrates the completion of its 22nd year.

The new updated interface places an emphasis on usability and the ease with which knowledge can be shared. The most recent update is now available on 94% of the 318 language versions of the portal for all desktop users.

The company has said that the new desktop interface has been designed to meet the demands of the next generation of internet users. Making it easy and accessible for all, regardless of their familiarity with the internet, has been a prime focus of the platform. The new update has been made in consultation with Wikipedia’s readers and volunteer editors. The company said that the development was a part of a series of improvements that it was working on to offer greater reading and editing experiences on both mobile and desktop platforms.

according to the new update :

  • Users will now be able to use a new search experience that combines images and descriptions, making it easier to find articles on the platform.
  • The platform has placed language-switching tools more prominently to assist multilingual readers and editors. Users can almost instantly access their preferred language and switch between more than 300 languages.
  • Users will also get an updated sticky header with links to Search, Page name and Sections that will move as users continue to scroll. The change has been incorporated into the portal to reduce fatigue from endlessly scrolling.

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