Windows 11 users facing issues with some features: Microsoft has the solution

Windows 11 users facing issues with some features

Microsoft has begun to inform users that certain functions of Windows 11 will no longer work due to an expired certificate. Microsoft has already found a solution, but it is trying to make it available to everyone, which means that only a few customers who know how to install beta updates will be able to resolve the issue.

The certificate expired on October 31 and several features that relied on it to work are no longer available. The Snippet Tool, touch keyboard, and emoji panel are among the Windows 11 features. Microsoft is aware of the issues and has already developed a fix, but it is in beta, so you will have to install it manually via the Windows Update section on your PC. This also implies that not everyone will be able to do so because it is less easy than just downloading all available updates for your Windows 11 PC.

Microsoft said the patch should be able to solve all issues except the one for the Snippet Tool. “To mitigate the issue with Snipping Tool, use the Print Screen key on your keyboard and paste the screenshot into your document,” said Microsoft. “You can also paste it into Paint to select and copy the section you want.” For now, you either wait for a few more days until the patch arrives for everyone or just go for any other screenshotting tool.

The new round of problems occurred just a few days after both Microsoft and AMD released updates to boost Ryzen CPU performance. After users upgraded to Windows 11, AMD’s Ryzen CPUs starts to slow down. There was a drop of up to 15% in games that used the power of the processor’s performance cores.

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