World’s First Dosa Printer Made in India

Dosa is liked by most people as South Indian food, but making it makes you sweat because sometimes it sticks to the pan and sometimes it becomes very thick. But today we tell you about the dosa printer machine in which the perfect dosa is made.

Social media is such a platform where many things of food and drink go viral, out of which many things are very useful. In the same way, these days the dosa printer is becoming increasingly viral on social media. a Bangalore based company has come out with a printer that prints out the beloved South Indian dish, dosa.

Now let’s see how this dosa printer works.

Making dosa on tawa is a very difficult task. For this, it is necessary to have perfect temperature and batter. But even after this, sometimes the dosa becomes thick and sometimes it becomes so thin that it gets spoiled by sticking to the griddle itself. But with this dosa printer, you can make the perfect dosa. For this, you have to pour dosa batter into a mold provided by the dosa printer. Then the printer machine has to be preheated. When it is preheated, you can select the thickness of the dosa and also set the timing according to how crispy the dosa you want. Automatically dosa will spread in it and you can prepare this dosa by brushing a little oil

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