Would AI Powered Robots Run The Classroom In The Future?

  • Different industries are already started to use robots in their work cycle.
  • Questions are rising about the ability of robots to take over the positions of human teachers.
  • Such an evolution is a way to achieve higher educational objectives.


The internet, the smartphone, everything that seemed magical 20 years ago, has now become an incredibly important part of our lives. With our reliance on technology, there is no denying that it is capable of taking over the roles that we currently play. There has been exciting progress in generalized machine learning.

With the world on the verge of a new technological shift, concerns about robots taking over the human race are frequently raised. Industries have already begun to use robotic technology to complete dirty, dangerous tasks, and AI has begun to improve its social abilities. All of this calls into question the ability of robots to enter the classroom and assume the role of a teacher, as well as how it impacts or will impact the classroom of the future.

Robots are now being used as an intermediary tool to explicate theories of mathematics and science. When a robot acts as an educator or mentor, the children encounter it as an apparently social being. The evolution of Artificial Intelligence is a way to achieve higher educational objectives because it allows us to identify gaps in lectures.

Lets discuss 4 scenarios where that exemplify different roles for robots in the classroom.

  • Robot as Classroom Teacher

Say if the Robot was a teacher at any high school. She would need to be properly informed about the lesson that needs to be taught. The robot would also need to comprehend how children behave when they are nervous, upset, excited, or loud. A robot teacher in the classroom serves as a figure of authority.

Clearly, this must be a highly evolved robot capable of handling both the subject and the human aspects of teaching. AI will be unable to handle these associations in its current state. They can, however, be used as a replacement solution to deliver customized lessons on occasion. At all levels, teachers will still be required to handle the robots.

  • Robot as Companion and Peer

Robots can also be placed as companions to difficult peers. Surprisingly, the intelligence of this robot, assuming he is smarter than the others, will be a source of concern. Do you want a robot with average intelligence in comparison to the class in question, or one with uber-intelligence in comparison to the class?

Care must be taken to determine the best way to position robots as peers. Friendship, self-esteem, competition, and other issues plague high school students on a daily basis. With the introduction of a peer managed by artificial intelligence, these issues may become more complex.

  • Robot as Care-eliciting Companion

Modern-day problems have resulted in the issue of caregiving support for the disabled as well as the aging generation. They require special assistance at all times, which is difficult to come by given the younger generation’s lack of free time.

This is where a robot with reasonable efficiencies of handling the indisposed can work well.

  • Telepresence Robot Teacher

A human teacher is supplemented by a Telepresence robot. We can use these robots as a support system, just like in scenario 3. They can be allowed to assist with more automated tasks such as setting reminders, cleaning up, and so on.

All Inclusive

Ai-powered robots can help open doors and to provide educational opportunities that would otherwise be inaccessible. Their use can also help to reduce the costs associated with hiring teachers. The technological advancement and cutting-edge solutions that robots can provide are the third reason for their popularity.


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