5 reasons why you should not upgrade to 5G right now

5G is becoming more widely available in many Indian cities, thanks to telecom companies such as Jio and Airtel. This is fantastic because who doesn’t want to experience fast internet and finish work or download content quickly? If you haven’t used 5G yet or are planning to switch to the latest network, here are five reasons why you should hold off on upgrading to 5G right now.

5 reasons why you should not upgrade to 5G right now

  • Saving data is one of the main reasons for not switching to 5G. Because 5G is ten times faster than 4G, it can buffer content in seconds even if you don’t intend to watch the entire video. This consumes a significant amount of data. Because 4G is slower than the most recent network, it does not load full content as quickly, saving data. A website with a lot of graphics, images, and other content, for example, will load in seconds with 5G. Because 4G is slow, it will take some time to buffer everything and only display text. As a result, your mobile data will not be as easily transferred.
  • Many users on Twitter and other social media platforms have reported call drop issues, which we have also encountered. I was unable to make some calls, and it can be a little annoying to talk on the phone due to frequent call drops.
  • Several people on Twitter have complained about slow mobile network connections even after switching to 5G.
  • Some users with 5G phones are also unable to access 5G services because telecom companies indicate that their device does not support 5G. This is a bug that the companies must address.
  • iPhone users are also witnessing battery drain issues after switching to 5G. A few Android users have also complained about this on Twitter. Though, we haven’t experienced anything like this. But, battery drain issues because of networks is not as surprising. When the signal strength is low, the transmitter in a device amplifies the signal to high levels, which consumes more battery and 5G is not well established yet.

All-in-all, 5G network is not stable in India and so, it is better to wait for a few more months to get a much smoother experience.

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