AI & precision agriculture

  • Artificial Intelligence has made its way to the agricultural sector.
  • Precision Agriculture is an important termtoday’sdays farms.
  • AI is promoting new innovative methods over traditional ones.

Artificial intelligence is the most discussed technology for a decade due to its widespread application in numerous Industries. AI applications have already taken over many traditional practices in sectors like healthcare, education, and agriculture. precision agriculture is an important term in today’s agriculture industry as it is about doing the right thing, at the right place, in the right way.

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture is used for enhancing productivity, predicting soil compositions, effective use of resources, and improving the quality & quantity of crops. There are many possible applications of precision agriculture including precision soil preparation, Precision Seeding, Precision Crop Management, Precision Harvesting, Data analyses, and evaluation. Robots and machine learning are helping to promote new agricultural methods over traditional ones.

Technology involvement in the collection & process of data from the crop field will begin the modern era agricultural revolution. Ai empowered tools like sensors, robots, cameras, drones, etc. can provide data with richer quality and quantity. Since AI devices can monitor agricultural lands, they can also provide real-time data.

The invention of an image-based pattern recognition system resulted in its use of it in several agricultural applications. The arrangement of a vision-based system in smart sprayers along with AI is used to detect weeds and sprayed them only on them. It could reduce the use of herbicides compared to traditional sprayers. Scientists and engineers are on a mission to invent similar smart technologies as part of the rising popularity of precision agriculture.

New ways of farming

The agricultural industry is quickly adapting to new methods which incorporate technologies like artificial intelligence. According to the trend of going, there will be a time, autonomous robots doing many of the agricultural processes and AI-driven tools will inform the farmers, about the perfect time to fertilize, irrigate, plant or harvest.

Its time for Agricultural revolution

technology influence in the agriculture sector has a long story to tell from the discovery of grain elevators and artificial fertilizers to the use of satellites. The decision-making process after the analysis of collected data will be influenced by technologies in nearby future. But the world has to wait a bit more to talk about a complete digital revolution in this industry. The necessity of better Ai inventions in agriculture will inevitably, only evolve. Researchers are looking for every good way to develop precision agriculture and automatization of food production.


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