What are the day-to-day applications of Machine Learning?

  • Machine Learning has applications in industries as well as in day-to-day life.
  • ML only requires minimal human intervention for decision-making.
  • We will witness many more everyday applications of ML in near future.

The presence of artificial intelligence is all around the world. Every human loving in this world is using AI or exposed to AI in one way or the other. Machine learning is one of the popular applications of artificial intelligence which analyze the data for analytical model building. it only uses minimal human intervention for decision making and it is a big step forward in handling big data.

machine learning has widespread applications in numerous industries such as health care, education, agriculture, finance, trading, media, etc. but did you ever thought about the simple yet day-to-day applications of machine learning? 

There are many examples of machine learning that we use every day and perhaps have no idea that they are driven by ML.

  •  Virtual Personal Assistance:

Virtual personal assistants like Alexa, Siri, and google now are among the most important applications of ML. Virtual personal assistants help us to find information over the network when asked. These personal assistants have the ability to search for information, recall-related queries, or make use of other resources like mobile applications to gather information and construct the perfect answer for the question. 

  • ML Enabled VPA:

Machine learning algorithms enable VPAs to collect and refine information. VPA’s are integrated into smartphones, smart speakers, and many mobile apps.

  • Google Maps:

Google Maps, is the most useful app when we go out and have no particular idea about the route. The app helps us in finding directions and traffic. Google collects and analyzes massive data about the traffic and directions with the help of ML and predicts traffic and set your route. 

  • Online Transportation networks:

Online transportation networks are another example run with the association of ML. Uber Inc says they use machine learning to define price surge hours by predicting rider demands.

  • Personalized Recommendations:

As we all know google tracks our search history to recommend ads based on it. An example is showing product ads based on our recent search on any e-commerce site while using YouTube, Facebook, etc. This is one of the coolest applications of ML since it helps websites like amazon & Flipkart to generate a good number of revenues.

  • Google Translate:

Google translate, which provides the most accurate translation of words and sentences makes use of machine learning. it works in a number of languages and dictionaries.

Rising Prominence of ML 

for the past few years, Netflix has gained exponential growth in its popularity as an online streaming platform. with over 100 million people as subscribers around the world, no other online streaming platform since has been able to achieve the same amount of success. Netflix’s speedy rise in popularity has machine learning working its magic behind the scenes with its unique algorithm. Netflix’s algorithms collect a huge amount of data on user activities creating a unique experience for each customer.  

 Various applications of machine learning are blended into our daily life but many of us do not realize it. In the future, we are going to witness many advancements in our daily life based on machine learning. 


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