Amazon Alexa to show new skills…!

Amazon announces a new set of tools and features to the developer community

Amazon announces a new set of tools and features for the Alexa developer community at the Alexa Live Developer Event. It is said to be the biggest new tool launch to date.

Amazon decided to host new features after seeing Alexa’s down curve in skill growth over the past year. The new features are expected to bring Alexa back into our daily lives while providing more interactive skills and new tools to earn money.

Even though it shows only a small group purchased Alexa from amazon’s site through smart speakers, Amazon said today, noting that there are “millions” of Alexa devices used “billions of times” each week, and more than 900,000 registered developers who have posted over 130,000 Alexa skills.

The company further said that it will enable developers to create Widgets for their skills, which customers can then add to their Echo Show or other Alexa device with a screen sometime later this year. in addition to this amazon consider paying developers for their skills.

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