Honeywell, Google brings practical quantum computers by the end of this decade

Back in May, Google had expressed its interest to build quantum computers that can perform large-scale calculations without errors at the Google I/O developer conference. According to a published research paper by Industrial giant Honeywell, it had consorted multiple physical qubits (the storage and processing units of quantum computers) that could resist disturbances from vibration, electromagnetic emissions, etc. Honeywell released a research paper after google research has shown logical qubits get the better of errors.

quantum error correction, identify and resolve qubit errors. Many companies including the popular one’s are trying to enhance qubit operations. Honeywell used its 10-qubit H1 quantum computer for exhibiting the technique, seven among the qubits stored data but while remaining “ancilla” qubits guided the error correction process. Tony Uttley, Honeywell Quantum Solutions’ president explained, “Big enterprise-level problems require precision and error-corrected logical qubits to scale successfully,”. Quantum computers have the potential to overpower ordinary systems in numerous areas like materials science, manufacturing optimization, and financial services. quantum computers run at extremely low temperatures since the logical qubits are easily perturbed.

According to CNN report, Honeywell makes quantum computers, including the H0 and H1, which use charged atoms of ytterbium as qubits that can be manipulated with laser beams. “The H2 generation is up and running” in prototype form, Uttley said in a June interview, and the H3 is under active development.

Honeywell is now collaborating with Cambridge Quantum Computing, whose expertise is in algorithms and other quantum software matters. this partnership is expected to accelerate progress in the development of quantum computers.

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