Google Maps along with AI helps you to avoid crowded mass transit.

Google introduced Ai-powered transit crowdedness estimates on its Maps that allow users to avoid crowds in buses, trains, or the subway. Initially, the feature rolled out in 200 cities across the world, and now, Google announced its expansion to over 10,000 transit agencies in 100 countries. This lets users avoid the jam-packed mass transit or find vacant seats.

google integrated Ai technology to make accurate predictions and used data from google maps users, historical location trends through the Location History data, which is held private using anonymization technology. The tech giants are also adding few features like an insight tab for google maps users on the android platform. The insight tab can be used to view the complete travel history such as modes of transportation, distance, and time you have walked, biked, driven, and additionally, the time you’ve spent at different places.

Another tab called trips shows all the places you’ve visited before and allows you to export them as a list if someone wants travel recommendations. Finally, google lets users review restaurants by providing more information about the price, food menu & delivery type.

So, get ready for AI-powered Google Maps.

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