Arthmate Wins ‘Best Startup Initiative in AI Sector’ Award at Startup Mahakumbh

  • Arthmate offers a comprehensive digital lending tech solution, analytics-based risk tools, and capital for lending through its NBFC and partner banks/NBFCs.
  • Includes a Credit Exchange Platform, Credit Cloud with plug-n-play API lending stack, and an advanced Risk Engine utilizing non-traditional data for better predictive models.
  •  One-stop solution for credit and lending-tech, profitable since inception, low GNPA in retail/MSME lending, rapid partner integration, and scalable product portfolio.


New Delhi, 30-06-2024 — Arthmate, founded by Ranjan Kant, has been awarded the ‘Best Startup Initiative in AI Sector’ at Startup Mahakumbh 2024. The company is revolutionizing the fintech industry with its innovative approach to digital lending and risk management.

Arthmate’s ecosystem provides partners with a full-stack digital lending tech solution, robust risk management tools, and access to capital from its own NBFC and partner financial institutions. Their technology stack enables quick deployment of lending services, enhancing partner capabilities significantly. The platform features a Credit Exchange connecting fintechs and loan providers, a plug-n-play API lending stack known as Credit Cloud, and a sophisticated Risk Engine using advanced analytics and non-traditional data for precise risk assessment and management.

Arthmate stands out with its profitable business model from the first full financial year, demonstrating phenomenal portfolio growth with GNPA below 1% in retail and MSME lending. The company has onboarded over 65 loan sourcing partners, including prestigious co-lending partners like Central Bank of India.

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