Latambarcem Brewers Pvt Ltd Wins “Bootstrapped Startup of the Year” Award

  • Innovative Kombucha Brand: Borécha offers transparency and science-backed functionality.
  •  Identified unique probiotic strains in kombucha.
  •  Proprietary SCOBY ensures high-quality, stable brews.

New Delhi, 30-06-2024 — Latambarcem Brewers Pvt Ltd, founded by Aditya Ishan Varshnei, has been awarded the “Bootstrapped Startup of the Year” at Startup Mahakumbh 2024. The company’s flagship brand, Borécha, stands out in the kombucha market for its transparency and scientific approach.

In collaboration with Dr. Dweipayan Goswami from Gujarat University, Latambarcem Brewers pioneered research using metagenomics and 16S rRNA sequencing to identify specific probiotic strains in Borécha’s SCOBY. This groundbreaking work enhances consumer understanding of kombucha’s health benefits.

Latambarcem Brewers’ proprietary SCOBY guarantees a consistent, high-quality brew with an extended shelf life, setting Borécha apart in the market. Their innovative brewing and bottling methods ensure stability at room temperature, simplifying distribution.

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