Amazon prime to increase the subscription charge from December 13

Amazon Prime subscription will get costlier from December.

This means that the yearly plan which is priced at Rs 999, will cost Rs 1499.

Amazon Prime subscriptions will become more costly starting in December. Amazon previously announced that the rates of its subscription plans will be raised, but did not specify when the new costs would be implemented. However, a new screenshot from Amazon confirms that subscription plans would become more expensive starting December 13.

Amazon revealed to Gadgets 360 last month that the prime membership tiers will become more expensive. The price of a yearly premier membership has been increased by Rs 500, according to the most recent pricing list. This implies that the yearly plan, which now costs Rs 999, will cost Rs 1499, the quarterly membership plan, which currently costs Rs 329, would cost Rs 459, and the monthly plan, which currently costs Rs 129 in India, will cost Rs 179. Existing customers will not be affected by the price increase. However, when their existing plan expires, they will be required to pay the new price.

“Existing Prime members can continue their membership for the duration their membership plan is at the current price. However, after the price change, you can choose to renew your membership at the new price,” Amazon Prime on its website notes.

Youth membership plans will also see a price decrease rather than a price increase. Users between the ages of 18 and 24 are eligible for the Youth membership options. The new plan has been reduced in price to Rs 749. Instead of a price increase, these memberships will see a decrease. The Youth Member deal, which is now available for Rs 749, will now be available for Rs 499. The monthly and quarterly Prime membership fees would be reduced from Rs 89 to Rs 64 and Rs 164 to Rs 299, respectively. If you don’t want to pay a high price, you may join Prime and lock in the previous price as part of a limited-time deal from Amazon.

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