Battlegrounds mobile India gets two new modes

Battlegrounds mobile India gets two new modes

Battlegrounds Mobile India is now getting the much-anticipated Virus Infection game mode, which will allow you to fight your opponents as either humans or zombies. There are three rounds in this mode, and your aim as a zombie is to infect humans, while your goal as a human is to defend yourself from being infected. The latest version includes the mode, as well as the Payload 2.0 mode, which adds high-power weaponry and helicopters to the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India revealed on Instagram that both new modes – Payload 2.0 and Virus Infection – are now accessible to gamers. Both are part of the PUBG Mobile-inspired makeover. Krafton has been working hard to make Battlegrounds Mobile India function and feel more like PUBG Mobile, as it should.

When you enter the Virus Infection mode, you must choose whether to join forces with the zombies or the human tribe. There can only be one winning team. Your aim as zombies is to infect as many humans as possible. But it will not be simple since people are expected to protect themselves in order to win the struggle, and they will use all means possible to do so. Zombies, like humans, have stuff that they can use. In the game, zombies may employ boosters to advance to level three and become the ‘Zombie King.’ Humans become ‘Heroes’ if they live until just three people remain.

To access the new modes, you must be on the Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.6.5 version, which was released last month. Players can also enjoy Metro Royale: Reunion, Vikendi, Runic Power, and Survive till Dawn modes.

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