Google to fix Pixel Pro screen flickering by December

Google to fix Pixel Pro screen flickering by December

Google has addressed an ongoing issue with the new Pixel 6 Pro and promised a fix in a future version. The problem is related with the Pixel 6 Pro’s power button and is said to cause irregular screen flickering after the device has lost all of its battery backup.

Some customers of Google’s new Pixel flagship smartphone have previously observed the device’s screen flickering when they pressed the power button. The issue has usually been reported to occur when the smartphone’s battery is entirely drained, while other customers have complained about it even when their Pixel 6 Pro was turned on and working.

The screen flickers were completely unexplainable to the users. Google has recently released a support document addressing the issue, which offers some insight on its likely causes and potential solutions. Google warns in its paper that the smartphone is likely to malfunction when the power button is pressed lightly “but not enough to turn it on.” In a nutshell, the company tells users that it is their problem and that they most likely do not know how to charge a smartphone.

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