BetterPlace acquires EzeDox in an all-cash deal

BetterPlace, a full-stack tech platform for frontline staff management, has announced the purchase of EzeDox, a no-code workflow builder platform, for an undisclosed sum.

BetterPlace has consolidated its leadership position as the largest and only full-stack tech provider in the Indian frontline workforce management area, a $80 billion potential in India, with this acquisition. In its seed stage round, EzeDox was last valued at $2 million.

BetterPlace will be able to automate and digitise its frontline personnel management procedures with EzeDox’s custom workflow builder capabilities from day one of operations. This will improve organisations’ capacity to grow across fresh sectors and enforce compliance standards much more effectively.

“With over 200 million frontline workers in the country today, we have the second largest employable population after China. However, most enterprises in India are still facing a multitude of challenges ranging from shortage of skilled manpower to effective ways of engaging with their workforce. With this acquisition, our integrated solution stack is strengthened further to manage the entire lifecycle of the workforce,” said Pravin Agarwala, cofounder and CEO at BetterPlace.

This is the firm’s fourth purchase in the last ten months. In May 2022, it bought the gig-worker platform OkayGo. In October 2021, Oust Labs purchased the microlearning platform Oust Labs, the workforce fulfilment platform Aasaanjobs, and the frontline jobs categorised portal Waah Jobs.

“We are delighted to join hands with BetterPlace in its shared vision of building a robust tech-first platform for enterprises to effectively manage the lifecycle of large frontline workforces. Our no-code workflow builder platform helps enterprises to improve cost-effectiveness through self and assisted on-boarding, custom distribution workflows, while solving for adherence to compliance norms,” said Veerendra Mishra and Vaibhav Jain, cofounders, EzeDox.


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