SaaS startup Kissflow leans on new low-code platform

Kissflow, a software-as-a-service company, announced on Tuesday that it is aiming for the $50 billion integrated work platform market with the launch of its unified low-code/no-code platform, which it claims would help organisations accelerate digital transformation.

According to the company, the platform would unify the whole spectrum of task management for users ranging from end-users to teams, team managers, process specialists, citizen developers, and IT developers.

“This is a long game for us,” Suresh Sambandam, CEO, Kissflow said. “So we are really looking at anywhere between three to five years, we are trying to go from a few million users right now into close to 100 million in the next five years or so. There is a big gap in the Google ecosystem especially. For all those customers, Kissflow will be a very compelling opportunity.”

According to the Chennai-based company, organisations utilise a variety of work management systems that are either completely focused on app development, process management, project or task management, and communication. Multiple technologies are deployed to manage operational activities smoothly, but instead of simplifying work, they make it more difficult and disconnected, impeding enterprise-wide digital transformation.

“Globally, there are only 26 million developers, but there are 500 million business users,” Sambandam said. “And of these 26 million developers, only a portion of them are actually developers. Roughly, I would say 20% of them, like four or five million people, are trying to cater to the needs of the 500 million people, which is like a 100x gap.”

According to Sambandam, the true opportunity lies in converting these 500 million commercial users into citizen creators. By embracing the low-code/no-code paradigm, Kissflow’s work platform supports app development, process management, task management, data management, integrations, analytics, and collaboration.

“Business users can take control of their own digital needs while IT leaders can continue to provide a secure and scalable platform for digital growth. With 500 million business users becoming citizen developers, this will be the game-changer that will drive the future of work,” he said.

Currently, the India market constitutes about 10-12% of Kissflow’s customer base but with this offering, Sambandam said that he sees the potential for this number to double and touch about 20%. “This is a much broader offering, that helps us to pretty much reach out to any enterprise, even mid tier enterprises,” he said.


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