Connect Air pods to your Apple TV: Complete Guide

Apple provides an easy solution for those who want to watch something from Tv’s BIG screen without disturbing others in the room. Now you can simply connect Air Pods to your Apple TV. If your apple tv is the 4k model and you also have a pair of Air Pods Pro or Air Pods Max, then you can experience Apple’s newest immersive technology, Spatial Audio.

Are you ready for an audio experience better than ever? Let’s see how to connect the Air Pods to apple TV.

Step 1: Put your Air Pods in their case & make sure the device is not connected with any other devices.

Step 2: Go to the settings of your Apple TV using a remote or iPhone.

Step 3: Select Remote & Devices from the settings list & find the Bluetooth option.

Step 4: Put the Air Pods in your ears and long-press the back button of the case until the light on the front starts blinking white. The device is paired with the TV and you will see the Air Pods in the Other Devices section.

Select the device using tv remote,

There you go…!

Finally…! One more great news, that you can pair any Bluetooth headset to your Apple TV. Keep in mind that, the method is not easy, and it won’t support the same immersive sound technologies.

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