Google adds camera based heart and respiratory rate tracking in Pixel 6

Some Google Pixel 6 users can find the feature for heart rate and respiratory tracking in early access.

The heart rate and respiratory tracker works using the inbuilt camera.

Google is said to have added heart rate and respiration tracking functions to its recently released Pixel 6 via the Google Fit app. Users of the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a have access to the features. However, the feature has previously been missing from the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

As stated previously, Google Fit is delivering this new feature, which allows more users to monitor their respiratory health, to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

To see if you have these features on your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, launch the Google Fit app and go to Browse > Vitals. The heart monitoring function tracks small changes in the colour of your fingers using your phone’s back camera.

Meanwhile, place your head and upper body in front of your phone’s front-facing camera and breathe normally to measure your respiratory rate. When there is adequate light, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are quite accurate. None of Google’s devices includes built-in technology that can measure your heart rate. Instead, it uses the camera to detect changes in the colour of your finger to provide a rating.

Although the Fit app on prior Pixels includes a dedicated button for turning on the flashlight, the option appears to be missing on the Pixel 6. This implies that obtaining an accurate reading necessitates a well-lit environment.

The introduction of heart rate and respiratory tracking features comes less than a week after Google released a new Adaptive Sound feature for the Pixel 6 series. The new feature is said to improve the sound quality of the phone speaker by altering the equaliser settings for your specific environment.

Google is also said to be working on adding face unlock to the Pixel 6 series.

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