Google Announces Removal of 10 Apps from Play Store Over Non-Compliance

New Delhi| Updated 01-03-2024, 03:53 pm IST

  • Google to remove 10 apps from Play Store over non-compliance.
  • Enforcement steps follow Supreme Court order after developers fail to pay.
  • Google emphasizes fairness and consistency in applying policies.
  • Developers offered options to comply with Payments Policy guidelines.
  • Existing users are assured uninterrupted access to apps.

In a recent announcement, Google revealed its decision to remove 10 popular apps from the Play Store due to non-compliance with guidelines. This action follows an extended period during which developers failed to pay for services provided by Google Play, despite interim protections secured by the court.

Google’s decision to remove the apps comes after developers were given more than three years to prepare, including a three-week window following a Supreme Court order. Despite these measures, the developers in question have not paid for the services they received on Google Play.

Emphasizing the importance of fairness and consistency, Google underscores the need to apply its policies uniformly across the ecosystem. Allowing a small group of developers to evade payment creates an unfair advantage and disadvantages other apps within the Play Store.

As part of its Payments Policy, Google offers developers three billing options to comply with guidelines. These options include allowing users to access content paid for outside the app without paying a service fee, offering an alternative billing system alongside Google Play’s with a fee reduction for users, and distributing through alternative app stores or directly via websites.

Despite the removal of these apps, Google assures existing users that they will still be able to access them without interruption. The company remains committed to investing in India’s digital future and looks forward to continuing its work with the entire ecosystem to ensure the long-term viability of digital efforts in India.

The decision to remove these apps underscores Google’s dedication to maintaining a fair and safe environment for both users and developers within the Play Store ecosystem.



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