Google Gemini Introduces Easy Text Editing Feature: Here’s How it Works

New Delhi| Updated 08-03-2024, 03: 26 pm IST

  • Google Gemini users can now edit specific parts of AI-generated text, streamlining content adjustments without full rewrites.
  • The feature allows users to select portions of text for editing and offers options like regenerate, shorter, longer, or remove.
  • While enhancing usability, limitations exist, including unsupported formatting changes and restrictions on responses involving code blocks or images.


Google Gemini users can now easily tweak the responses generated by the AI chatbot thanks to a new feature, enhancing the platform’s usability and flexibility. This update streamlines the editing process, allowing users to adjust specific parts of the text without needing a complete rewrite, ultimately saving time and potentially improving content quality.

Previously, users faced limitations when editing content generated by Gemini, often requiring either manual adjustments or full rewrites of the entire piece. However, with this new feature, users have the freedom to edit selected portions of the text, whether it’s making it longer, shorter, or requesting a complete rewrite.

To utilize this feature, users simply need to select the portion of text they wish to edit, triggering a small pencil icon to appear. Clicking on this icon opens a pop-up menu offering four options: regenerate, shorter, longer, and remove. While regenerate completely rewrites the sentence, the other options facilitate adjustments such as shortening, lengthening, or removing the sentence entirely.

During testing by India Today tech, Gemini efficiently responded to requests for text generation on topics like Apple, showcasing the practicality of the new editing feature. However, users may encounter limitations, indicated by a ‘Gemini couldn’t do that’ response, particularly in cases where unsupported text formatting changes are requested or queries exceed the chatbot’s comprehension.

It’s important to note that this feature is currently available exclusively on the web version of Gemini and is limited to the English language. Additionally, Google restricts editing capabilities for responses originating from extensions, text including code blocks, and selections containing images. As Gemini continues to evolve, users can expect further enhancements to its editing functionalities, offering even greater flexibility and efficiency in content creation.


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