Google stadias first game coming on this august.

Amplitude Studios’ Humankind will be the first Stadia release to utilize a new touch-focused control system, according to 9to5Google, which was also verified by Google to The Verge. Instead of using a Bluetooth controller or gamepad overlay, Stadia’s “direct touch” is based on multitouch finger inputs, just like a regular mobile game.

Google confirmed playing with direct touch in Humankind is a very seamless experience with the release of few screenshots. In-game items can be selected with a single finger touch, content may be viewed by holding a finger down, canceling with two fingers, moving your view in-game by dragging your fingering, and pausing with three fingers.

In addition, Stadia’s State Share function will be included in the game, which allows a buddy to start up where you left off in a game by sending them a snapshot or a video. When playing Humankind, you may also use a feature called “Leave Your Mark,” which permits you to let a buddy go through the same globe as you, locate the ruins of your civilization, and compare their achievements to yours as they go.

Stadia’s touch controls do come with an additional hurdle – possible latency concerns. With touch, you might anticipate even faster answers to your taps than you would with a controller, which isn’t always achievable with slower connections. Direct-touch latency is a concern for Google, but the company declined to elaborate.

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